$3.00 USD
Hair Trigger 2.0 is currently accepting creative nonfiction for our third issue. We are specifically looking for stories told in engaging voices.

To submit writing, the editors ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • If you've never submitted work before, head over to our Seduce the Editor column for helpful advice on the submission process.

  • As the Seduce the Editor column outlines, please include a cover letter with your submission, designating whether it is fiction or nonfiction, the word count, and a short bio.

  • We do not accept previously published work, unless solicited.

  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Please submit a maximum of two pieces for consideration per issue.

  • We will consider submissions up to 5,000 words in length. Excerpts from longer work will also be considered, as long as the excerpt is self-contained. 

  • Submissions must be sent as a .doc or .docx attachment. Please include your last name and a page number in the header of each page.

  • We ask that you include your cover letter in the body the email.

Please note, we are not interested in reading or publishing the following types of work at this time:

  • Hate speech or work that aims to insight bigotry and violence. Also, please refrain from sending us political manifestos.

  • Stories with gratuitous graphic violence (if graphic violence or gore is included, it must be purposeful). Also, any work that fetishizes rape will be discarded.

  • Poetry

  • Fanfiction

  • Stories centered or dependent on clich├ęs, stereotypes, or tropes, either in characterization or plot. (Please, no stock characters, rushed world-building, or storylines that have simply been done to death.)